Excellent feedback from Expert Level course participants


"It was the best training I received ever wrt content, material and trainer knowledge." Sven Thomas TRW Inc.
“A remarkable training with deep insight, a lot of practice, professional & experienced participants and an exceptional trainer. I got many aspects for Test Process Improvement in my company.” Martin Menzel, Vonessenbank
"Very effective exercises with examples from practice. Competent answers to questions by trainer!
The seminar was very well structured in respect of content but kept sufficiently flexible to respond to the wishes of the participants.
The trainer was technically very competent and well prepared. In addition, he has created a pleasant atmosphere. In summary, a very good seminar." Gürkan Yildirim, ADAC
"I really can recommend this course. The content was presented in a very interesting way. The exercises and the interaction with the other participants supported the learning process perfectly.", Holger Blum, Consultant